There are three phases of NIC’s Evidence-Based Decision Making (EBDM) initiative:

  • Phase I Framework Development: Project partners worked with NIC and a multidisciplinary advisory committee to develop the Framework, with the intent to define risk and harm reduction as fundamental goals of the justice system, summarize the strongest of the evidence-based research, and outline a structure and set of principles for achieving EBDM in local justice systems. Read more
  • Phase II Planning Process: The initiative competitively selected and worked with seven sites as they engaged in a planning process to prepare to implement their local interpretation of the Framework. Their implementation plans were submitted to NIC in June 2011. Read more
  • Phase III Implementation: Since August 2011, NIC has provided support to all seven sites in Phase III. Read more
  • Phase IV Expansion to Statewide Structure: Starting in 2013, NIC shifted its focus to replicating the EBDM Framework on a statewide level in order to demonstrate the value of its expansion beyond single, local jurisdictions. Project staff worked closely with planning teams in five states—Colorado, Indiana, Oregon, Virginia, and Wisconsin—to consider whether and how to expand their EBDM efforts beyond the original local teams to include additional local jurisdictions and state-level executives. Read more
  • Phase V Statewide Planning Phase: In November 2014, Indiana, Virginia, and Wisconsin were selected to work in partnership with NIC as part of Phase V to advance criminal justice system outcomes throughout communities in their states. Read more

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