After joining Phase V in March 2015, the Indiana State EBDM Policy Team and its local EBDM partners engaged in a rigorous process that included building genuine state-local partnerships; developing a statewide vision for EBDM; understanding current practice; identifying targets for change at both the state and local levels; and developing strategic action plans to guide implementation of change. The Indiana Policy Team adopted a vision to create \”A Safer, Healthier Indiana.\”

Among the change targets addressed in the strategic action plans were modifying pretrial practices, implementing evidence-based interventions and risk reduction strategies, developing effective responses to noncompliant behavior, and addressing special populations such as those with mental health issues or driving while suspended charges. In addition to their work on EBDM during Phase V, many of the local EBDM sites participated in the Indiana Supreme Court\’s Pretrial Release Pilot Project.

Notably, the state team and all six local teams proposed pretrial justice as a priority change target for Phase VI. Given the importance of pretrial within each team\’s action plan, NIC dedicated its Phase VI support to helping the state and local EBDM teams develop a high functioning pretrial justice system in the context of EBDM. NIC also invited jurisdictions that were not involved in Phase V but had participated in the state\’s Pretrial Release Pilot Project to join the effort. Further, for Phase VI, NIC committed to providing technical assistance to the Indiana EBDM State Team as it works to implement their full range of change targets identified in Phase V. NIC will also support Grant County, an EBDM pilot site, to advance its change targets designed to reduce harm and improve justice outcomes.

The following jurisdictions in Indiana are participating in Phase VI of EBDM:

  • Indiana State Policy Team
  • Allen County
  • Bartholomew County
  • Grant County (EBDM Pilot Site)
  • Hamilton County
  • Hendricks County
  • Jefferson County
  • Monroe County
  • Porter County
  • St. Joseph County
  • Starke County
  • Tipton County