Phase V/VI Jurisdictions

Starting in 2013, NIC expanded the EBDM initiative to implementing the EBDM framework at the state level, and to additional localities within each of the EBDM states.

The Phase V Planning Process

In November 2014, Indiana, Virginia, and Wisconsin were selected to work in partnership with NIC as part of Phase V to advance criminal justice system outcomes throughout communities in their states. These jurisdictions received technical assistance from NIC and its partners to conduct a series of planning activities to implement systemwide change strategies that would align local and state jurisdictions with one another and with the principles of EBDM. The goal of Phase V was to build the capacity of executive criminal justice policy teams at the state level, expand EBDM to additional jurisdictions at the local level within each of these states, and build genuine state-local partnerships in service of creating a statewide vision for EBDM.

The Phase VI Implementation Process

In September 2016, NIC announced its decision to support at varying levels EBDM teams in all three states during Phase VI of the initiative. This includes providing technical assistance in Indiana and Wisconsin to support ongoing state-local partnership efforts and to support multiple teams as they implement their identified change targets. NIC is also committed to providing EBDM policy teams in Virginia with responsive technical assistance as they implement the action plans they developed during Phase V.