Ramsey County, Minnesota

Ramsey County, Minnesota, has a population of 511,035. Its county seat is Saint Paul, which is also Minnesota\’s state capital.

Vision for EBDM

Ramsey County’s vision for the EBDM Initiative is:
One less crime.
One less victim.
One less offender.
A strategy for safer communities.

Ramsey County has 13 law enforcement agencies including the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office (Minnesota’s First Law Enforcement Agency) and Saint Paul Police Department. In addition to providing law enforcement services similar to police departments (patrol, investigations, crime prevention, etc.) in seven cities, the Sheriff’s Office is also responsible for operating the 497-bed county jail (pre-trial), providing court services (court security, warrants, civil process), and protecting the county’s waterways. The County Attorney, the County’s top prosecutor, and the Sheriff, the County’s chief law enforcement officer, are elected every four years while Judges are elected every six years. Appointed criminal justice leaders include the Director of Community Corrections, the Chief Public Defender, City Attorneys, and City Chiefs of Police.

The Saint Paul Police Department, the county’s largest law enforcement agency, averages about 240,000 calls for service a year. The Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office averages approximately 23,000 bookings per year. Ramsey County is a Community Corrections Act county, meaning the county provides supervision (probation and parole) and correctional services. Community Corrections provided services to 24,885 adult offenders under supervision in 2009. Community Corrections is also responsible for operating the Ramsey County Correctional Facility, a 556-bed post-conviction institution, housing inmates serving sentences of one year or less.

EBDM Stakeholders

Prior to the EBDM Initiative, leaders would meet one-on-one or as part of specific projects with limited scope and complexity, but not as a whole to work on system-wide issues. The Ramsey County EBDM policy team includes the following stakeholders:

  1. the county sheriff
  2. the county attorney
  3. a county commissioner
  4. the chief judge of the Second Judicial District Court
  5. the county community corrections director
  6. the chief of the Saint Paul Police Department
  7. the chief public defender of the Second Judicial District Court
  8. the city attorney for the City of Saint Paul
  9. the county pre-trial services executive director
  10. the county chief deputy sheriff
  11. the first assistant county attorney
  12. a deputy city attorney for the City of Saint Paul
  13. the executive director of the Office of Justice Programs
  14. representatives from additional criminal justice and victim services organizations

Harm Reduction Goals

Ramsey County’s harm reduction goals focus on seven areas. These include increasing:

  1. community safety;
  2. collaboration;
  3. offender accountability;
  4. criminal justice system cost savings;
  5. swift, certain, and proportional responses to criminal behavior/misconduct;
  6. stakeholder support; and
  7. community awareness and support.