During the Phase V planning phase, the Wisconsin State EBDM Policy Team, which operates as a subcommittee of the State Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC), and its local jurisdiction partners established a statewide infrastructure for EBDM, deepened cross-site partnerships, and developed a shared vision for criminal justice system reform in alignment with the EBDM framework and principles. The State EBDM Team\’s goals for EBDM in the state is to use \”evidence and research to reform the criminal justice system to increase public safety, reduce harm, and improve quality of life; promote fairness and equal treatment; and use resources effectively.\”

In Phase VI, NIC is supporting Wisconsin\’s state and local teams as they implement their selected change targets. These change targets span the various decision points and include increasing the use empirically based risk and needs assessments at various points in the system, establishing or enhancing diversion and deferred prosecution programs, establishing evidence-based pretrial programs, developing effective responses to prosocial and violation behaviors, and addressing the mental health needs of defendants. In Phase VI, NIC is also supporting EBDM pilot sites Eau Claire and Milwaukee Counties in advancing their change targets designed to reduce harm and improve justice outcomes.

The following jurisdictions in Wisconsin are participating in Phase VI of EBDM: